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my last one

Hi people, Just loging in to let you all know that from now on that i Realy wont be at any meets, we have rbw to attend this year But other than cons Around the world I wont be seen, I would like to be called my new alas if possible if u do see me
Dave .... its my real name and i have given up on furry but not on my friends,
all my friends know me and i will be on the phone and stuff but i will no longer use msn messanger, it just makes me fat any way XD
Im sorry to everyone for this new's and im sorry to any one ive upset in the past, I am who i am and that is a verry imature 27 year old who needs to grow up and move on with life, Im sorry for all the arguments ive ever caused and the way ive acted I still think some times U have to say what you think and thats why a Lot of people dont like me
People talk about me all the time in a bad way and the only thing i have to say to that is Your the one botherd im not
have a good life as i will..
sorry but there are a lot of people on here that dont coment when i do rarely post something a lot of people who dont talk to me on msn so why have them on here?
sorry if you get the axe feel free to remove me its not like you all contribute to my life any way lately! realy sorry to have to say this but yea, Whats the point,
I now have a new facebook page due to work and stuff and work wanting to be on mine, so i have a normal one and a furry one i am sorry to say i have to delete every one off the normal one whos furry  and place them on my new one
if i havent added you its becase ive tryed to add to meny people and messed it up so please add the tiger
tiggie friend is my new account!

bike week

Right Not sure u all know but my old ( new) bike is gone and has been for some time.
I couldn’t resist getting another so I bought a transalp its a 1993 bike but has loads of good life left :) as always I manage to BRAKE find and make jobs for my self
so in the last few weeks ive cleaned out all the engine then full service
Replaced the exhaust system because they just don’t make them any more ive had to have parts made by hand!
Cleaned up the radiators and heat painted them as well as the only lil bit of the exhaust which was good!...
Ive just gave it a very good tidy (something I have yet to do with the Volvo!....
I like / enjoy this bike not fast by today’s standards but because of the gearing very quick to 60.


any way in other news work is okay, Life’s very depressing I find my self getting worse and better all the time Of cores no one knows case no bugger talks to me these days. Which is what I want to talk about now.....
Why do I bother, I really do try and I don’t think im a horrible person...
I have been banned from uk fur And yes I have had a lot of bad press about me because a few influential people have talked about some stuff from YEARS past. I rember once going to a London meet and every one saying “oh can’t talk to him" (this was 5 years a go!)
But now it is different I have a lot of people who seem to call me friend and yet. I can come on msn each night ( I don’t always working as many hours as I do) and guess what, All night not a sausage, I sometimes try and talk to people and its always the same crap hi hello, a few things and pretty much the covon is so dead well you know what I want to say.
Now where am I going wrong....? I’m not the person which I was 7 years a go which I wasn’t ever that bad just spoke to the wrong people how you should if they pissed you off, Yea it wasn’t all there fault either but years a go is years a go, ive been around a long time met many friends and guess what had arguments with 2/3 %? max now seriously if I was worse it would be more...

allot of furs which are around now are just simply to childish for me, Running a round screaming being idiots out of belief. Others than drink there self’s silly and make asses of them self and other people because they can not hold there self’s.

I love furry, I want to forward Sketchkat as an artist ( she is very good if u even see her newer art!) but things just don’t seem to come easy for her because of me I’m not sure how I can be doing much wrong but there must be some massive issues people just wont talk to me about.
If any one bothers to read this Let me know if u care or not or what ever or just to say I read this,

what should I do about msn no one talks to me so what’s the point

Sorry if ive not been online a lot been busy with work and busy now doing some promo ;p
hay people sorry long time no post, whats new eh"?
I got rid of my bike becase i was getin some nightmares bout kate diein on it. and also i couldnt hack the weather any more,
I got my self a new (ish) car, its a nissan almera 1.8 sports im realy chuffed with it, :)
what elce?
Me and kates been togher 3 years 2 days ago WOoo And weve not killed eachother yet :P
Im gona have to propose soon arnt i XD
other than that lifes been ticking over and missing all my friends, * yes this means u if u can see this!

nearly 2 years old and i need repairs :O

My bikes near 2 years old now and has 6k On it!, Ive dont loads of crasy shit on it over the time ive had it burnouts, Whillies, carrying a pillion for almost 4k .....etc etc
So the bike needs a full service Wich from Folowers motorcycles is £249.00 :O For oil Pugs, oil filter air filter. GET STUFFED XD
So ive orderd the parts my self. and the parts come to nearly 75 pounds with delivey.... what a saveing ...
It needs a new clutch :O Becase all the whillies :P. that would of been £230.00 From the bike shop :O but as i can do Most things my self
im going to take it on!, should be easy enough, Ive seen a tutoral and its not that hard on a bike, I did one years ago any way, for the parts i paid 60 pounds... So itll all arivein a few days and ill do it at one time. The Bikes good to drive at the moment But the clutch slips at 10k revs wich isnt good., Also i took the rear brake pads off and are replaceing since one was down to the metal :o I dono if ive been rideing it or what but oh well XD
Ef is in doubt now, Although we got two numbers under 600 they have alterd the reg this year so if one person has any number bettween 0-600 they get in the hotel but if there partner is 600+ They have to share diffrent rooms and are Not alowed to share.
im not sure why there doing this I think its to stop people que jumping But when two partners want to go togher they dont want to share rooms
so i dont understand its not as if there jumping the cue if two people are going togher and shareing a room Like me and sketchkat we had to book on one computers  wich ment a high chance of 0-600 and then 600+  But if any one elce is going and is Both 600+ altho you can ask to stay in the same room it is Not garntieed you will be in the same room you probly wont be infact :s


It hurts when People you love fall out dosent it?
Ef is a bit weird now I dont know whats gona go on
if your going to ef, shema, ak, shadow, who ever likes us Get in contact with me asap on msn

The new me :>

Sketchkat drew it and a cool fursuit maker made it,
Its a sabertooth with fluffly cheeks and long ears :) use your own eyes



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